Thursday, March 1, 2018

Shaun White Winterboard first person of the Winter Olympics

Before the start of the preliminaries, the camera swept the auditorium, numerous Shaun White fans holding up his photos and Oakley Snow Goggles.
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Young suffering from serious heart disease, numerous hovering at the brink of life and death, this year Shaun White, once again stood on the stage of the Winter Olympics. We all say that such a veneer legend as long as here, it is already too enjoyable. In other words, in the U pool so young at 16 years old project, Shaun White's performance may not be over. Then he told everyone: your uncle or your uncle with more than 98 points ranked first in the preliminary results. To the final, everything becomes different. Obviously experienced players to master a greater advantage, while the World Cup performance of a good teenager have mistakes, and can not even finish midway injury. Oakley Snow Goggles Shaun White first jump 94.25 results are very prominent, I thought he was the last appearance of the finalist champion, and after the second jump before the Japanese players surpassing 95.25, there is a serious mistake in the third action Shaun White. Before the start of the third jump, surprisingly quiet. A few minutes later, the teenager crowned or uncle third gold, everything will be settled. He stood alone on the top of the mountain,with Oakley Snow Goggles looking down to countless worshipers at the foot of the mountain, reminding himself of his still young age of 20 years. 1440 a, 1440 two ... more than 97 points, my uncle tears. He is a legend, his name is Shaun White. Not three consecutive championships, in the middle of the break, but still with three gold medals to make the history of the Winter Olympics Winterboard first person title. The 32-year-old was hung with pain and was crowned with a tough set. No longer flowing elegant face is still full of the desire for the ultimate challenge, congratulate Shaun White, also congratulated all extreme sports fans have such a big god to bring us the best enjoyment of the veneer movement!
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Shaun White Oakley Snow Goggles

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