Sunday, January 21, 2018

Difference between Oakley canopy prizm and Nike fade transitions

This is the two goggles I am using now. Oakley canopy prizm and Nike fade transitions. Other brands have not taken before.Fake Oakleys for Sale Online , Buy best Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses with Wholesale Price.
Nike this lens is said to be used in the lens of the dragon, transitions technology known as a mirror go the world, in different light conditions or changes in the weather to achieve the automatic conversion of light transmittance, night or cloudy when the lens is yellow, Light transmission rate is maximum, when the light transmission rate is lower, the lens will turn black. When I first came in contact with this technique, I thought it was good, but when I was really wearing it, I noticed that his conversion was actually not as fast as imagined.
From indoor to outdoor ski resorts, changes in UV will slowly change the color of the mirror, but after snowing, the details of the ski are not as clear as the Oakley prizm. This is the sunny time, nike mirror effect, the whole is black, only two hooks on both sides of the fluorescent green, really cool.
Next to say is Oakley prizm, compared to nike, he did not dazzle, but Oakley lens really is the best. This is the oakley hair of ordinary lenses and Oakley prizm lens contrast, the actual wearing effect is indeed the case.
 Oakley  Prizm

The Oakley prizm lenses show clearer detail of the snow pass to the wearer by highlighting and reinforcing the blue and orange, more eye-catching colors on the snowy road.
A brief description of the feeling of wearing, generally speaking, snow is white, but wearing a Oakley prizm, just looked at the snow is partial pink powder, the light will be slightly darker, but the details show clearer, including others slide Throughout the ditch Cankan, the other in sunny days, gliding into the shadow from the bright light in the area, will not suddenly appear discomfort on the line of sight, but a clearer view of the terrain. This should be said Oakley prizm lens introduction, the filter harmful rays at the same time, increasing the harmless light into the snow to ensure that we need the high amount of light it. This is a photo of skiing with Oakley. Since wearing Oakley this prizm goggles, I often forget myself wearing a goggles when sliding.
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Another Oakley prizm lens there is a unique technology: HDO, high definition optics technology, which can filter 100% of ultraviolet light, while providing the most accurate visual information of the brain. Ordinary lenses distort the real thing, while HDO technology gives the wearer a clearer, sharper vision. Wearing the feeling of infinite close to the naked eye effect.
Finally, whether it is not prizm, Oakley  the safety of the lens must be boasted here. An accident at the beginning of the snowy season, my friend was hit on the face, the other is a helmet along the knock in his goggles, smashing the goggles shell, resulting in fracture of the nose, the face stitched 14 needles. The process of the lens actually no damage. Otherwise, the scratch is not forehead Oh, but the eyes.

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