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the lens color of Oakley sunglasses decide what parts of the spectrum of light can be absorbed.

It’s well-known that the lens color of Oakley sunglasses decide what parts of the spectrum of light can be absorbed. When trying to choose one,people can not only pay much attention on the style of fashion, but also focus on its functions of  eye protections. Generally speaking, we should choose a pair of  cheap replica Oakley sunglasses with “practical and believable” lens color according to your actual need. There are some warm tips for you, and you can have a good reference when you need.
Gray, which is one of the most good general color,is a kind of neutrals. The Oakley sunglasses gray lenses are able to show the true nature of the feeling While reducing the brightness of its color distortion. It can provide glare protection, and it is an ideal good choice for driving and general use. That’s to say, the gray lens is the most popular style in our daily life. It is more widely used.
Dark brown lens can filter a large number of blue ray, and improve visual contrast and clarity. It is better to wear in the serious air pollution or fog weather. Under this circumstance, it will have key functions.
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This one can maximize the reach of the green light to the eyes, resulting in a cool comfort, and easing eye fatigue well. They are cheap Fake Oakleys with green color lens. Among all colors, green color is the best one to offer the highest contrast and maximum sharpness.
Oakley Yellow and gold sunglasses lens can eliminate the blue part of the spectrum. Moreover, the blue light can rebound and disperse a lot of light, so that the object is more bright and clear. However, this color will make the color perception a bit distorted, so this type of color sunglasses are not suitable for those who need to accurately identify the color of the activities. That may easily make some mistakes. Therefore, strictly yellow and gold color sunglasses don’t belong to sunglasses. To some extend, they are most use in decorations. Some young people like to wear yellow and gold lenses “ sunglasses” as a decorative use. When it comes to knockoff  Oakley sunglasses as a decorative use, light blue and light pink are the same as them. They are more decorative use than the practically of the lens. Dear friend, when you choose lens of sunglasses, we should take these factors into considerations. Different occasions will choose different types of Oakley sunglasses.
The summer is coming. We all know thousands of people like to play on the beach. That’s a very wonderful and cool thing. We enjoy doing it. At this time, a pair of beautiful and good sunglasses is necessary. Then the question is coming. What kinds of Oakley sunglasses are suitable on the beach? The answer is Oakley blue lens  sunglasses. When you play on the beach, you can wear blue lenses. Blue can effectively filter out the sea and the sky reflected light blue. It is a good choice on the beach. On the contrary, when you driving, you can’t use this type of sunglasses. It is difficult for the driver to identify the color of the traffic signal. Therefore, dear driver, driving should avoid using a blue lens.
Then we talk about purple and rose lenses. Actually, purple and rose lenses provide the best object contrast. More and more people are fond of doing skiing. Some of friends also love it very much. They go skiing twice a week. They say they can relax themselves by this way. I am so curious about it and ready to learn it in my spare time.So they are a good choice for hunting and water skiing.
As for black lenses, we seldom use them in our daily life. They are usually used for special industries. When we choose a pair of fake Oakley sunglasses, we should know about it. And it will avoid something trouble.
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With the development of society, some people like doing sports indoor and some people still love doing exercises outdoor. Then the Oakley jawbreaker is what you need. People believe they like doing outdoor while taking a fresh air, enjoying the scenery and so on. Mercury lenses are suitable for people who do sports outdoor. As the mercury lenses surface apply in high density mirror coating, it will has more absorption of visible light. As far as as I am concerned, I also prefer to do sports outdoor. Running, playing badminton, rope skipping, etc are my favorite exercises. One more thing, I really like go running while wearing sunglasses and listening to the music. It is a good and wonderful thing. During the process, I can really relax myself and I also can thing over things. Our view will be wide and our mentality is also good.
In a result, the better choice of Oakley sunglasses are generally dark gray, dark brown and black followed, blue and purple the worst. As for, yellow, orange and light red lenses of Oakley sunglasses, we’d better use them few time.
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With this, we have to put forward to the degree of the lens. At first we need to make sure that the degree of the lens matches your own diopter. If not myopic or have been wearing contact lenses, then you can require o degree for sunglasses; if there is a need for diopter, we recommend you can fit it after doing medical optometry. Then you can do it according to your own degrees. Dear people, you should take this into important consideration. If the degree is not appropriate, it is likely to cause visual fatigue, dizziness and discomfort.
In a word, sincerely hope that these content can help you pick a pair of suitable and fashionable Oakley sunglasses. If you have more information or suggestions, welcome to have a good communication. Eventually, best wishes to you- happy every day. Buy one at Oakley Outlet : !