Sunday, July 24, 2016

Choose the Perfect Pair of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses to Fit Your Face

How to choose a perfect pair of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses that suits your face best? This is said as the top concern of the vast majority of people. After all, we all want a sunglasses fits ourselves rather than just good looking or high quality.

And here comes to the topic we would like to talk about today: how to choose and buy the most suitable Oakley sunglasses according to different face shapes.
Choose Cheap Oakley Sunglasses to Fit Your Face

1. Round faces
We would like to start with round face. Technically, round face is not suitable for round Oakley
sunglasses; it makes you look rounder and fatter, and even making the face looks more bloated. So if you have a round face, you'd better choose the fake Oakley sunglasses with a thick frame, and square lens as much as possible. If you select the sunglasses with a fine and soft frame lines, it will make your face seems larger. As for the lens, it is recommended to choose the deep-colored one other than the light one, due to the fact that the deep-colored lens can make the face look smaller.

2. Oval faces
First, congratulations on your long oval faces, which was said to be the most standard and pretty face, basically you are suitable for a variety kinds of cheap Oakley sunglasses. Therefore, in view of lens options, it is better to choose some sunglasses with higher transparency and gradient color, which will make your face reflects a sense of hierarchy.

3. Square faces
Square face often has a strong sense of line, which by the way, is the most common face in Asian. This face makes people think you are mature. So, in this case, you can choose a more low-key and simple Oakley sunglasses to highlight the advantage. Besides, square face is also fit for the round frame with a gentler curve, which will make the facial lines become softer.

4. Heart-shaped faces
As you can image from its name, heart-shaped face usually comes with a sharp jaw. So we should avoid wearing the kind of knockoff Oakley sunglasses with an upturned frame on both sides, which will easily stress the jaw. Heart shaped face should wear polygonal sunglasses, with frame width no more than the temple. And the lenses should be light-colored.

5. Diamond-shaped faces
Narrow forehead, pointed chin and the pot zygomatic is the standout feature of the diamond shaped face. So it is necessary to wear large spectacle to cover the cheekbones. And it is suggested to choose the legs with an appropriate width to modify your narrow temple. The lens color should be deep, because it is more useful to cover the obvious zygomatic.

6. Triangular faces
As the name suggests, triangular face consists of a narrow forehead, but a wide cheeks. Thus, the focus may be laid on his chin. And now you need a pair of Cheap Oakley sunglasses with an upturned frame on both sides, so as to soften the face lines.

So here is the end of today's topic of choosing a suitable Oakley sunglasses according to your own face shape.Hope you can have a clearer idea in the selection of sunglasses.

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