Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The principle of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses

The principle of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses.The inventor of non reflective sunglasses is American scientist Catherine Blodgett (1898 ~ 1979).He studies the molecular film,which is a thin film and just like the single molecule.It had been found that if we place a barium thin film on the lens,it will reduce the whole reflective.Then it had been occurred the no reflective sunglasses.
 The best cheap fake Oakley sunglasses can block the uncomfortable sunlight in to our eyes.In addition to this,it can protect our eyes  from the the harm of UV.All this are due to the metal powder filtration devices,which can choose the injected light.What’s more,the sunglasses can select the partial lights with the help of metal powder.But in fact,when the sunlight hits the lens,it’s so called the process of “interference”.So now,the sunlight had been reduced.That is to say,when the long wavelengths through the lens,which they will cancel each other in the direction of lens that are toward the eyes.
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  For example,cheap Oakleys photochromic lens will be darker when it occurs the sunlight.But when it occur the strong sunlight,it will bright again.It all owes to the function of illumination weakens.Under the common circumstance,it can still keep the perfect transparency.In the light of the sun, the silver in the crystal is separated,and free silver forms small aggregates inside the lens.These small silver clusters with irregular zigzag block, they can not only absorb light and transmitted light.As a result,it  makes the Oakley lens more darker.In the darker light,the crystal are formed and recover the bright state again.

 Another,the knockoff Oakleys Polarized sunglasses offer other mechanism to protect the eyes.The difference between the reflected light and the sunlight is the problem of order.Generally speaking,the reflective light is a ordered light.It has the perfect effect in blocking the string sunlight.Because it can work the function of filtration.This kind of the lens only allows polarized waves to vibrate in a certain direction,which just as the light has been combed.As a matter of a fact,The long molecules of the filter layer are oriented horizontally and can absorb horizontally polarized light.Thus,the most of the reflective sunlight are relieved and the surrounding environment still is not reduced.
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 The high quality replica Oakley sunglasses is the effective “light regulator”.Furthermore,the sunglasses can adjust the external light and it’s very suitable for our eyes.It’s also called the shading Oakley sunglasses and have the function of shading.And people can adjust the light flux by pupil size.But if the sunlight excesses the adjustment ability of eyes,it is real harm our eyes.So many people choose a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses to shade sunlight in hot summer or the outdoor activity,which can reduce the strong sunlight harm.