Sunday, December 24, 2017

2018 New Year Sale Fake Oakleys PRIZM INFERNO

2018 New Year Sale Fake Oakleys PRIZM INFERNO
High-tech new goggles : Oakley PRIZM INFERNO lens technology.Oakley PRIZM INFERNO is a revolutionary lens electronic heating technology that effectively prevents fogging and enhances the vision of snow goggles to improve performance and safety. The Oakley PRIZM INFERNO is designed with simplicity, styling and functionality in mind, reducing skid-mount performance concerns for skiers and thus concentrating on the front slopes.
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Oakley 2018 New Year Sale

 At present, Oakley PRIZM INFERNO electronic heating technology can be applied to the new Oakley LINE MINER goggles series.
LINE MINER goggles equipped with Oakley PRIZM INFERNO electronic heating unit
The LINE MINER Goggles' cylindrical lenses provide unmatched peripheral visibility and are the closest to the face in all Oakley goggles, with less stress on the nose and best compatibility with the helmet. Oakley PRIZM INFERNO Combines with LINE MINER snow goggles, making snow goggle gear a splash into anti-fog shield.
Deep piorite medial lenses: The world's first plutonic medial lenses for better clarity, durability and scratch resistance.
Anti-Fog: Active full-time anti-fog through uniform heat conduction through the lens - Preheat from pre-movement lenses to reactive heating when snow falls.
Battery performance: rechargeable, replaceable high-performance battery, not affected by the cold weather.
Lens System: Available in all Oakley PRIZM Lens Colors and Interchangeable; Supports Upgrade from Standard PRIZM Lenses to PRIZM INFERNO Lenses.
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