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Introduction of Cheap Oakleys sports sunglasses

Introduction of Cheap Oakleys sports sunglasses
Cheap Oakley Sports sunglasses refers to safety sunglasses worn in motion, usually equipped with advanced safety (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame, both soft and elastic), comfortable (anti-slippery nose pad and arm cover) and beauty(matched with the sports and leisure clothing).
Fake Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Cheap Oakley sports sunglasses structure
1, lenses
1) PC lens, which is also known as space lens, is a non-broken, non-cracked lens, with 100% safety . It is the world's thinnest lenses, 57% lighter than fake Oakley sunglasses lenses, , 37% than resin lenses and 26% thinner, apart from that, it is also the world's most impact resistant lens, which is usually applied to the space shuttle window and bullet proof Oakley sunglasses, impact resistance is 60 times of Oakley sunglasses lens, and 10 times of the average security resin, 100% anti ultraviolet (UV400).
2) polarizing lens adopts the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of louvers), which is capable of filtering out stray light and 100% of harmful UV rays, what’s more, it can automatically adjust the strong reflection that general cheap fake Oakley sport sunglasses cannot,to alter all the coming light’s direction into one same direction in a way that you can see things clearer. Suitable for hiking, driving, fishing, climbing and other outdoor sports.
2. frames
The TR-90 frame is a super tough resin material that is smooth, flexible, light and comfortable to wear. With its high temperature resistance of 350 degrees and not easy to melt combustion, the impact resistance is more than 2 times of cellulose acetate (CA), with memory function, anti deformation index reaches 620KG/CM2, 30% lighter than the CA.
Cheap Oakley Sport Sunglasses

Protection of Cheap Oakley sports sunglasses
Wipe your Oakley sports sunglasses and load into the sunglasses bag after use. Do not store with hard or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the lens or topcoat;
Please use professional cheap replica Oakley sunglasses to wipe cloth before cleaning, , wash it with professional detergent if necessary; do not clean it with ultrasound and water, otherwise it will undermine the polarization effect;
Take down with both hands, it may lead to frame deformation and fracture if the force is too large;
Avoid placing sunglasses in a high temperature environment for a long time, and do not immerse it in water for a long time ;
Please put your Fake Oakleys sports sunglasses in the special sunglasses bag while not in use;
Oakley Sports sunglasses will inevitably have bruises and dark spots in the long-term use, if the above situation occurs, we recommend you to go to the professional store and replace sunglasses or lenses immediately;
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses made by space lens has non-break and non-crack function, it can guarantee you a professional sports wear safety, but it is relatively easy to be scratched.
For your safety, it is not recommended to wear tainted Oakley sunglasses in following conditions: night driving and industrial protection.

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